Children and Families






The Electra-lights Program

We welcome families with children of all ages to our church and our church takes seriously the role to keep all people, especially our children safe and does so in accordance with the ‘Keeping Children Safe’ guidelines which you can read more about here

Children of all ages are welcome to participate in the ‘Electra-lights’ program which runs for approximately 30 minutes (concurrent with part of the Worship Service) during term times. Each Electra-lights session is run by an Electra-lights Leader and Helper (all have a Working with Children check) and includes of a range of activities, including (but not limited to) learning about Jesus and God by exploring stories from an age appropriate bible, how we care for others, creating arts and crafts, singing, games and activities such as baking.

There are many opportunities for children to get involved (at a level they feel comfortable) in the church including helping to lead all-aged services and speaking, singing or playing an instrument in front of the congregation. Our families in the church also take turns in the role of ‘Worship Reader’ which involves carrying the Holy Bible into the service with the Minister and acknowledging the Traditional Owners, prior to worship commencing.

For the youngest members of our congregation there is a dedicated area in church with toys and books with space for families and children to spread out. Children are free to move around the church safely and noise is not an issue. There is a Parent's room with a change table and chairs. Families of any configuration are welcome.

We appreciate that weekends are busy times for families and there are often competing commitments which can make it difficult to attend church regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you can attend once a week, a month or a year; rest-assured that you will always be welcomed into our church and that there will be something on offer to cater to your children.